Good Morning Zoomy,

I recently turned 21 , and all I have ever wanted was to able to travel and explore another country on my own. My first “adult” experience! I begged my parents to send me to Europe and finally my wish has been granted. I leave in a few weeks and unfortunately the doubt & anxiety are starting to sink in. What/How do you recommend a rookie like myself & my best friend prepare over-selves for this adventure? I want to show my parents we can be responsible, as well as have the time of our lives. Help!

-Novice Traveler

Dear Novice ,

Oh my ,how exciting !!!
Of course excitement is often partnered with anxiety . Just the fact that you are nervous shows a great deal of maturity. Go into this trip with your eyes wide open.  Prepare an itinerary in advance -know where you are staying in advance .
Make sure you don’t carry too much unnecessary paraphernalia¬† Have a safe place for your money,passport and phone . Now, give all this info to your parents and stay in touch with them the entire time . Don’t do anything foolish and have a great time .


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