Dear Zoomy,

Last week I was flying home after a long week of intense meetings . Believe it or not I was looking forward to a quiet flight home . I was seated in my window seat that I had reserved well in advance – put on my eye mask, my cancellation headphones and was about to fade away. All of a sudden, the stewardess asked me if I would switch to a middle seat so that a mother and her two kids could sit together.

Gotta tell you – under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be thrilled; but I might have been too embarrassed to not agree. In this case, I had my seat. I was perfectly comfortable and beyond exhausted. I overheard “the mom” saying she just booked today and hoped for the best. I actually refused, but I got stares – was made to feel guilty . Why, are we not allowed to say just this one time: “No, I can’t. I just can’t.”

Signed ,

Unfairly stared at,


Dear Unfairly,

Of course you can always say, “No.” Each situation deserves individual thought. Let me ask you something, Did any of the staring people offer up their seats?

We live in a world where paying it forward and being considerate is valued. I hope that I can count myself as one of those people who might have volunteered my seat, to facilitate a family being seated together. But (a huge “but”) – There are circumstances where we must put ourselves first. It is not evil to protect oneself. If you don’t respect the needs of thyself, how do you propose respecting the needs of another? On top of that, We should also be one whom reserves judgement when observing such a situation.

Personally, I feel worse if I’ve been judge-y versus a wee bit selfish.

The fact that you felt bad shows that you’re probably a good person with pure intentions.

Hopefully next time a situation as such presents itself, you’ll have the ability to portray that “good guy” you seem to admire.


Have a great week.

See you next Tuesday,


Have we met?

Not sure you’ve had the pleasure…

They call me –¬†The Duchess.

Some say dazzling; daring; or divine.

One thing with which I will agree, darling;

I am always on the go.

I love to travel. I enjoy meeting new people and immersing myself in different cultures – indulging in cuisines I’ve never tried before.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my adventures. To find the most fab places to go – Guidezoomer.com. It is my newest discovery and it is the perfect tool for a “wanderluster” such as myself. I decided to visit the Southern States and Guidezoomer showed me the way.

I’m loving it down here in Georgia. I’ve always fancied myself as a Southern Belle in a previous lifetime.

I know Scarlet and I would have been the closest of friends.

Before visiting Georgia, I clicked onto Guidezoomer.com and voila! A variety of perfect hotels for me in Roswell, GA, at my fingertips! Besides the refreshing fact that I could book directly on-line, without being hijacked by those pesky booking sites. Once I was checked in, I zoomed over to the list of restaurants and as I’m clicking, I imagined myself sitting at a lovely outdoor cafe, sipping mint juleps.

Without leaving the Guidezoomer site, I could see the list of the “A-listers” who will be in concert this month – top of the charts. Oh my darlings! Come walk with me downtown as Guidezoomer guides me through the shopping districts. Yes, you guessed it. The Duchess loves to shop… I just found the most darling evening bag. Ooh!!

I’m so excited!!

Guidezoomer shows not only the large retail centers and districts, but features some quaint out of the way shops as well.

The historic district offers a variety of activities.

Strolling among the Chattahoochee River… visiting the Nature Center… learning how I can contribute to the sustainability of the area… Wow – my inner “green” has awakened!

GZ has listings for a walk back in time. I’m floating through the Antebellum homes and as you can imagine I am fancying myself as the madame of a large plantation. My, how times have changed. Down in Georgia, it’s certainly for the better.

Historic attractions around war memorials – re-enacting how life was lived… This new site is the answer to my prayers!

Locations all over the fantastic, great USA… Hotels for all budgets… Restaurants to satisfy all palates… Attractions for me and the gen Y-ers in my life. Have I told you about all the cultural choices??….

Off to the ballet for me; off to the jazz clubs for them, and for the tots – duck tours! Guidezoomer provides all the info one needs to enjoy a trip anywhere their little heart desires. Yes, so many incredible destinations here in the US at my manicured little fingers.

This is my newest passion.

I’m a Zoomer all the way…

Love it darlings!!

Traveling is my thing, so –

Come join me!!

Even if your trip is not imminent… Click & Zoom and choose a destination that’s right for you.

…Or you can just zoom as you dream : )

They say:

Half¬† the fun is in the planning…” and GZ makes the planning tons of fun…

…and easy.

So, TaTa for now… as I zoom around Roswell for a few more days.

Then we will visit Guidezoomer and decide on where to travel next.

Here’s to new adventures!!

Love ya’ll,

Duchess D