Frustrated Holidays

Dear Zoomy,

Holidays are one of my best times of the year.

I look forward to the comradery, laughter, food & most off all creating & sharing new memories. This 1 time a year the entire world is given a little extra time to spend with family, friends & loved ones.

But the worst of this time, is the travel. Whether I’m stuck in an overly crowded airport with unbearably long security lines or in a car/ train/bus in traffic, it seems to always keep my anxiety & nerves high.

What do you suggest helping make the process less painful, and make my travel experience smoother?




Dear Frustrated,

After booking my flights, I will find out if the airline I’m using has a lounge at my airport.

Usually for a nominal fee you can join the club and then cancel after you return. These lounges make waiting in an airport much more pleasant.

The last time friends of mine travelled by car, they joined a
car pool from the community. The time went faster, and they saved money on gas as well.

For me, to avoid the stress, every few years I invite everyone over to my place. That cures me for a few years of complaining about the stresses of travel.

Happy Holidays,


Your favorite ZOOMY


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