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Dear Zoomy,
I have been following GuideZoomer’s Instagram page for some time now. GuideZoomer has amazing travel ideas and I must say post some of the most amazing shots. As a Zoomer, I’m embarrassed to say that all of my pictures from my travels are not the best. Sometimes people forget to take enough pictures or take poor pictures.
I want to look back at my pictures and feel as if I were right back in that moment.
How do I capture my experience?

-Traveling Photos

Dear Traveling Photos,

One of the BEST parts of traveling are the memories! So capturing them are essential. First, go away prepared; invest in a quality camera. Bring extra memory cards, batteries/ external chargers. If it isn’t cost effective, phone apps such FaceBook video’s, Instagram Stories & SnapChat all provide ways to capture and save memories. Make sure to also contact your phone provider to upgrade your data plan and/or purchase wifi access wherever you travel to.
Now that you are prepared, remember that your pictures will tell a story, so be creative, add some mystery & have fun! Try to include yourself in as many monumental scenes as possible. Change your poses for diversity and take a minimum of 3 shots for variety. If you are feeling adventurous, try some angels, change the orientation and even experiment with the flash effects. At the end of the day, making sure you capture the memories is the biggest part. How you capture it is all up to you. When you get your best shot, tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @GuideZoomer so we can feature your awesome memories!


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