Traveling Toddlers

My husband & I have been married 7 years & together 10. We met in college studying abroad in Italy. We have been Globetrotters ever since. 4 years ago, we began our family and traveling has been limited to local & occasionally cross-country trips. We would love to bring out our map and begin our children’s international travel. My concern is traveling with 3 toddlers, especially in places far from home, and for either my husband, myself or the children not enjoying these new adventures.

How can we continue our quest of experiencing the world & different cultures with our children? Or is it impossible to travel with toddlers? Help Zoomy!

Dear Toddler Mom,
Kudos to you that you have not lost your wanderlust.
I think you have to prioritize and realize that for a bit you are going to be somewhat limited in where you will be able to travel with small children.
When mine were small in order to give them a mini intro to the different cultures of the world, my first stop was EPCOT in Disney World in Orlando.
Traveling by plane with 3 toddlers will be daunting but this is something that will give them a sampling of the world, and who doesn’t love Disney ?!?!
I don’t know where you live, but there are so many kid-friendly attractions that will satisfy their thirst for now. Look up family-friendly on Guidezoomer .com for the various options in your area.
Don’t rush, life is long and you will have many years to enjoy with them. If you venture out too early with them so young, you might sour your hubby on traveling with them and they will not get the full benefit of your efforts anyway.
Be patient and enjoy every stage of life,

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